How to make a purchase

Step 1. Sign up on SuperFuture.Store: click on Register in the right upper corner of the page

Step 2. Go to the main page and click on a product you would like to purchase to add it to Cart

Step 3. In the Cart, click on "Pay via ษƒitcoin" and you will be redirected to the payment page

Step 4. Send the payment to the ษƒitcoin address manually, or click "Open in a wallet" to open the transaction in a Bitcoin wallet on your PC, or scan the QR Code in a wallet on your smartphone

Step 5. After 2 ษƒitcoin confirmations website will redirect you to My Purchases, where you will find a purchased product and its FAQ

· How to use MSDN Admin Accounts?

It's easy. You will get an FAQ with MSDN Admin Account.

· When will I get my purchase?

You will be automatically redirected to your purchase right after 2 Bitcoin confirmations. You can view purchased accounts in My Purchases at any time.

· What will happen if I send an insufficient BTC amount while paying?

SuperPay will show the remaining amount you need to send.

· Can I close a tab with SuperFuture.Store after paying?

Sure. You can close a tab with your Invoice after sending a payment.

Login back to your account later and you will be redirected to your Invoice or right to your purchase if your transcation is confirmed.

· How to check the remaining quantity of a product?

Add this product to the ะกart and change the quanity of a proudct that you would like to purchase. System will notify you in case the required quantity exceeds the remaining quantity.

· I would like to purchase a Microsoft product that is not listed on your website

Contact our support, please. We will get you any Microsoft product.

· PayPal?

No, for obvious reasons. Sorry.